The Best SMPP Application for Your Bulk SMS Business

SmppCube is a high-performance SMPP application for Bulk SMS Marketing and Client Management. With SmppCube you can send as much as 1 million SMS/day or more. Smppcube helps you minimize your expenses on infrastructure management so you can focus 100% on marketing and expanding your business.

SmppCube Features

All the features in this app are designed to improve SMS marketing experience, both for clients & administrators. There are many features, but here are some winners.

Awesome UI Design

Clean-cut professional and yet beautiful look with very easy-to-use interface. Just makes your customers fall in love with the app. Also very easy-to-use for Administrators and Resellers.

Developer's API

Allow your customers to connect via
HTTP, XML and SMPP API. With SmppCube, 3rd Party Integration of SMS services is a piece of cake. All our API specifications are platform independent.

Fast Performance

Smppcube is built on one of the fastest MVC framework DooPHP. We've benchmarked the speed and used most resource effective ways. It can handle thousands of data records without slowing down the app or user navigation

Reports & Statistics

Rich set of reports & statistics to help you take better business decisions & tells you precisely which market to focus on. SmppCube offers a variety of traffic and sales reports both for Admins & end users.

Add-on Tools

  • HLR Lookup Services
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Missed-Call Subscriber
  • Least-Cost Routing (LCR) and more..
These are additional revenue source which can also improve your USP.

Tech Support

Good software is always with good support. We provide free setup and configuration. Available through phone/e-Mail/IM for any query or issue. We also guide you on various decisions and ready to develop any new add-on you want.

Smppcube Benefits

What's in it for you?
  • Easy to Convert Clients

    With a beautiful interface and tons of features, it becomes very easy to sell SMS to customers. Professional look gives a more convincing feel of better service. That's why we dressed our app in HTML equivalent of Armani Suit.

  • Your Data Security

    When using SMS panel from a vendor, you risk your data safety & security to them. If your competitor gets your Client List, your business is compromised. SmppCube runs on YOUR server, hence all the data regarding contacts, customers, resellers etc. stays with you. There is minimum risk of data theft.

  • Easy Management of SMS Business

    SmppCube has so many reporting engines, that you can manage your SMS business very efficiently. You can play with SMS prices, see which customers are sending most SMS, in fact you can see which resellers are selling most SMS. You can check busy weeks, traffic reports, usage statistics and plan accordingly.

  • Minimize Expenses

    Cut the middle-man and deal directly with Telecom Operators. SmppCube requires no hardware, it runs on a server just like a website. It minimize your expense on any software subscription. Also you can control SMS consumption, hence you can save some money there too.

  • Focus on Selling SMS

    Having your own SMPP application with technical support allows you to focus on selling SMS and marketing rather than worrying about SMS Panel, featured additions, bugs, server issues etc.

  • Scale & Expand your Business

    SmppCube is very scalable. It uses popular technologies(Php/MySQL & Kannel) and adding or modifying features & components is very easy. It has support for international routes & client management and features, so you can expand your business worldwide.


SmppCube Editions

Because we like to have a solution for everyone


Take a quick-look at our app. There are many more designs available.

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